Interviews and Performances

This is a short movie of my ambidextrous performance painting technique made back in 2003. Since then I've been making ambidextrous performance paintings at festivals for bands such as the String Cheese Incident, Michael Franti, Heavy Weight Dub Champions and more at venues around the world.

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The video was shot during a week of painting in Carborro, North Carolina at Rick Ramirez's Temple Ball Gallery ( and the video was made by Scott Agostinelli at Zrealm. For more information about his works, please go here:

This is a short movie of me making some ambidextrous drawings back in 2002. It is pretty dated in a lot of ways, but hopefully it will inspire some of you to experiment with drawing ambidextrously as well!

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The video was generously made by the talented Suzanne Blais of Black Dog Productions. For more information about her, please go here:

Music was hand-crafted by the genius of Colin Robison!

Interview with Technocult's Klintron back in 2007

Klintron says:

"Visionary artist Nemo talks about his art, how he got into the occult, and how you too can be an ambidextrous painter."


Videos of live drawing and painting performances, along with a montage of art and interviews.